Smash Karts is a fun unique racing io game. It is completely simple to connect to the new online multiplayer match between you and numerous rivals from around the world! You are heading to a great track that is also known as an arena. Choose the kart you want, get in, and prepare for the upcoming race as your preference!

Play Smash Karts free you will have a good chance to check and improve your driving skill along with other abilities such as shooting. Actually, it is about a survival competition, in which, you must complete two missions at once. While moving to the finish line in Smash Karts unblocked before the rest, you have to defend your vehicle and the driver from every deadly hit or shot. To win the top spot, it is essential to survive. However, you can fire rockets to eliminate the foes instead of avoiding their assault. Accelerate and make use of your possibilities to take over the leaderboard right now!

How to play

Use WASD or Arrows to control the kart, Space to fire rockets.

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