free game is taken in a huge arena full of smashers. The game is made with cartoonish graphics and contains a wide range of wonderful features. When you spawn in the arena, you become a cunning smasher who has to kill all enemies using a huge mallet. The size of the mallet can be grown by collecting plenty of colored gems on the ground. The more gems you pick up, the longer your mallet will become, which makes you find it easier to smash your rivals. When you roam the map, be sure to dodge getting hit yourself, or else your size will be reduced, and end up getting destroyed finally. Stay away from the players that have larger mallets than yours, and keep yourself defended from the giant smasher because this AI character can knock you out. You try to become the best player in the arena! Much fun with game!

How to play

Direct the movement of your character with the mouse, use the left mouse or the spacebar to smash, and use the right mouse or key W to sprint.

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