Do you want to earn yourself a new experience in another snake game? Then let get you through more challenges and give you a chance to compete against new slippery opponents from around the world. unblocked will be a perfect choice for all the fans of snake io games, especially You enter the map in the shape of a small snake trying to survive in a deadly arena. You have to get your body longer and bigger by eating many power pellets dispersed on the floor. After reaching a good size, you will take on your opponents easily. Keep building up your strength throughout the course of the match, you will finally become the most dangerous snake on the leaderboard. But if you give someone a chance to take on you, the game will be reset. Let’s see how long it takes you to reach the top! Play for free in your browser now!

How to play

Your snake’s movement is controlled by the mouse. To make it move faster, click the left mouse.

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