is a unique io game revolving around music knowledge. This means everybody has a chance to test their talents in music. To be more specific, they must guess the song or the artist that is playing to earn a lot of points. You will step into a room with many players around the world. When the game begins, you must focus on the music then quickly send your correct answer to earn a high score. You will earn extra scores if you are the first one sending the right answer. Try your best to lead every match and don’t forget to buy some bonuses like “remove an answer” or the “double chance”. You can use these bonuses to get an upper hand on enemies, giving you a higher chance to win. Feel free to play with opponents or invite your friends then challenge them to lots of rounds. Are you ready for it? Join unblocked now!

How to play

Use the mouse to click through the in-game menus and interact with objects.

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