Spinz.io is a good MMO strategy game following Agario style. Take control of a fidget spinner and play with other characters. Select the favorite color, enter a large arena and fight for survival. You should collect all of the scattered dots to improve your RPM. It is necessary to act carefully, especially while you are gathering those pellets. You can survive longer and build the higher point which is important to rank up. Aside from that, you need to collide with every item in the surroundings in order to make them drop their pieces, then rapidly to scavenge. In Spinz.io, you can boost your speed to catch up with your targets without difficulty. However, use it smartly because it will consume your scores. Additionally, keep an eye on those who are 4 times faster. They can destroy you right away with one hit. If you want to join together with friends in the same room, quickly send them the invitation link now. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, LMB to boost your speed.

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