unblocked is a multiplayer browser game online in which you have to control your character carefully trying to eliminate all other players with bots. When you step into the arena of free online, make your way through it carefully and take any chances you have to slay the rivals before they harm you. The more enemies you kill, the more points you can earn. Killing bots rewards you some points as well. You have to defend yourself from the enemy swords as they will not miss any chances to wipe you out. In case you get stabbed, the game will be over, meaning you must restart it from scratch. You are recommended to blend in other bots so you can easily slay them. Pay attention to your stamina as well. If you have no energy left, you will meet a sticky end too. How long can you survive? Play Stabby io game to show off your skills!

How to play

Perform the movement around the map using WASD. Left click to choose a target, use the spacebar to attack enemies. Use key Ctrl to prone and use key C to crouch.

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