Along with Babyshark, is one of the newest io games. Connect to a crazy arena for free and take control of a dangerous ocean creature. Join online against multiple rivals throughout the world and become the ultimate fish as soon as you can! There are a lot of tools to customize your monster before sending him or her to the match. You can get a shark, a whale or a dolphin, depending on items that you choose. It is also easy to experience a collection of more than 20 skins!

Play unblocked you need to defend yourself carefully! You must survive before you are confident to stab your opponents. Your tusk on the head will be the weapon that you use to attack and make the target disappear. When you loot their progress, you can rank up. If you cannot solve something, it is simple to speed up and run away. It’s time to find food, look for power-ups, unlock upgrades, increase your score, and own the longest tooth!

How to play

Use the mouse to control the fish, hold Left Mouse to speed up

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