game gives you a chance to become a tough, cunning, and hostile fighter. You have to be ready for an epic fight against new rivals around the world. With various weapons and a strong will, you can totally destroy them all. unblocked drops you in a big arena full of enemies and bots. You make your way through the map using your chosen weapon to kill them all while defending yourself from their attacks. As you kill them, your score will be grown. Keep doing that until you are close to the top spot on the leaderboard. Do not take any damage from your rivals, otherwise, your game will be over. You’d better protect yourself during the battle, keep collecting points, and more importantly, surviving all the enemy attacks to get to the top rank on the leaderboard. With interesting game modes like FFA, Duo, TDM, and Life Race, you will definitely love game!

How to play

Move your character using WASD or arrow keys. Left click to shoot, right click for melee, throw grenades at enemies using F or the middle mouse button.

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