Play free game online and test your surviving ability. strategy is a hot io game with addicting gameplay. It is taken in a forest where all players have to get through the cold and hunger by crafting various items. When you enter the forest, the first thing you will do is to hit trees to collect wood, and then you will use the wood to create a wooden pickaxe which helps you collect stones. When you have enough wood and stones, you can start creating a campfire so as to survive the cold when night comes. That’s how you get through the cold. But what about hunger? It’s also easy to overcome hunger by eating some berries or eating some meat of the hunted animals. Cold and hunger are the two crucial challenges you must conquer in unblocked. Besides, make sure you defend yourself from other aggressive players that might destroy you. Alright, let’s join online in full-screen mode now then see if you can survive it all!

How to play

Move your character using arrow keys or WASD, use the left mouse to gather resources and craft items.

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