is an MMO horror Battle Royale game. The story will be placed inside a dark building. It is a big map aka a fierce arena reserved for you and all. Take part in a creepy multiplayer match and survive as long as possible! The mission is to become the ultimate survivor. It will be the key to lead you to the top spot, too.

Play unblocked you should manipulate your skills to stay alive and dominate the rankings. You’d better use stealth ability to sneak up on the enemy. It is good to eliminate somebody and increase your score. Meanwhile, the darkness can make you more difficult to find the target. However, it can be chosen to hide when you are being hunted. In free online, try to take deadly aim before shooting! Otherwise, the prey will spot and kill you immediately. It is easy to swap between the knife and the sidearm at any time! Have fun!

How to play

Use WASD keys to roam, Right mouse to move the gun up, Left click to attack, scroll the mouse wheel to swap equipment

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