is a fun MMO sports game where you can find and connect to a crazy fast-paced competition with multiple rivals online. If you want to take over the top spot, you should score the most goal and even stay alive. You are joining an intense Battle Royale match and you need to survive as long as possible before you complete the target. Play free like a ping pong ball and control a paddle. It is the weapon that you are given in order to hit and remove your opponents. Before you attack something on the map, you can aim. It is essential to eliminate the challenger and prevent them from countering you! unblocked is located in a place as a tennis table. On which, it is very simple to speed up and perform your tricks. It is important to evade and chase promptly! Otherwise, you will waste that ability. Good luck!

How to play

Hit WASD to roam, Shift to speed up, LMB to attack

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