unblocked is a free multiplayer game where many sumo players have to compete against each other in the same arena to find out who will become the best sumo of all. You enter this fray in the shape of a small sumo player, now, you must wander around the map to gather sushi power-ups for more strength and a bigger size. Also, when you eat sushi, you will be able to take over more areas on the map. This gives you such a big advantage to win. When you own like 20% of the map, you have to make smart moves. Getting larger will make it hard for you to move fast, and the enemies will take this as your disadvantage to kill you. Hence, be careful when you perform your movement around the map. You can use your smart strategies to outplay the tough rivals and stop them from killing you. Think you can become the biggest sumo on the leaderboard? Play game with friends from around the world now!

How to play

Use the arrow keys or WASD to move your sumo around the map.

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