Play online for a chance of proving your surviving skill! It must be a fun yet challenging experience to play such a fierce Battle Royale game. In this 2D Shooter Strategy game that is free for all, you turn yourself into a survivor trying to kill his opponents and staying alive until the very end of the combat. You need to move around the map to gather more loot, weapons with useful supplies, then put necessary collected items inside your backpack with a limited size. Make a good use of them to defeat the enemies as you attempt to protect yourself from being attacked by them. When you are running low on health, don’t worry because you can totally regain it using a bandage or a booster. Try to play as a sneaky survivor who shows no mercy to any rivals. You should keep an eye on the red zone that gradually pushes the survivors closer together. You only have one chance to live! Put all your effort into the fight then become the final survivor standing.

How to play

Move your character using WASD. You can aim and shoot at them using the left mouse button.

4.2/5 - (316 votes)