Sworm.io is a great Free For All game like Slither Style. It’s available for the player to explore the cool sophisticated graphics and other amazing features. Especially, you can zoom or cut yourself. Additionally, you can have not only a single worm. Indeed, you will have the chance to take control of a swarm. You are able to observe everybody while they are playing. After you type your nickname and appear on the new map, you need to eat the food scattered across the ground to enlarge. Watch out! Do not crash into anybody! Otherwise, you will die in a wink. You can devour bugs in Sworm.io to collect shield bonuses. Use them to defend your body. When you are armored, nobody can split you. Do not ignore magnets! They will temporarily increase the costume distance. Aside from that, you can add more newbies to your team. They will help you eliminate those who are not armored reinforced. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse to move. Hold LMB or W to speed up, RMB or Space to cut your worm or other opponents. Scroll the mouse wheel to zoom.

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