takepoint.io is an awesome MMO shooting game like Diep style. Show up your skills and collect the highest score as soon as possible to dominate the leaderboard! Spawn on a large map along with multiple enemies. You need to capture and defend important points from other teams to survive. In other words, you should work together with your allies and master the way to cover them properly. Besides, you will have the chance to unlock several powerful weapons and other amazing upgrades with perks when you progress. To view your stats, you can visit stats.takepoint.io. In takepoint.io, you will be awarded based on how many spots you and teammates hold, how fast you gain scores and the time you open up stuff. You are highly recommended to stay side by side friends and choose appropriate powers. Are you willing to join? Let’s learn about guns and their advantages now!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, LMB to shoot, R to reload, Space to control perks, Enter to chat.

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