Tangies.io is one of the best free-for-all skill io games where you must use up your abilities to avoid falling asteroids. The main aim is to survive as long as possible. If you are the last survivor, you will become the top player. however, it seems to be an endless disaster. Besides, you will have to compete with countless opponents online from around the world.

Everybody will gather in Tangies.io unblocked to practice their possibilities and entertain themselves in a fun-addicting race. Aside from jumping, you are able to run forth and back only. Whilst moving to evade dangerous rocky bodies, it’s completely impossible to interact with anybody! although you cannot chat, you can defeat them by looting the most resources. There are tons of power-ups dropping from the sky. They can be shields, energy, fireballs, or something that make you invisible. They are also the upgrades that just last for a while. Let’s begin your story and dominate the leaderboard now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your player back and forth, Left Mouse to jump

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