is a delightful MMO strategy iO game. In which, you are recommended to explore and master tips & tricks to hide in the crowd or kill somebody. You are taking part in a crazy top-down match. It is easy to find your character who looks like a black cube. Not only that, your shape is similar to other online opponents and decoys. If you have ever joined titles inspired by Battle Royale genre, you will know that the last standing player will be the winner. When you accept to play unblocked, you should keep an eye on every movement of rivals and attack them surprisingly. While wandering around the level, it is not difficult to collect some power-ups. They are items that allow you to get an edge over competitors. Meanwhile, it is free to reload the ammo. If you don’t shoot, it will recharge. Watch out! It also brings back a good opportunity to somebody to murder you. Have fun!

How to play

Use Left Mouse to roam, Right Mouse or Q to fire, Spacebar or W to choose power-ups

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