is an extremely thrilling platform game about a very dangerous adventure of multiple people. Control one of those characters and help yourself reach the highest position of the dark dungeon as soon as possible. In the new playing area, you can see a large number of traps. They include big spikes and deep holes. Not only that, there are tons of coins aplenty of power-ups. After you enter the map, you have to show up your abilities to overcome every challenge and survive. Indeed, you can die whenever if you do not know how to defend your body or avoid obstacles. Besides, also launches a lot of enemies. Don’t worry! By using the sword, you can attack anybody along the way. Kill them and you should loot their gold after that. However, it is not easy to swing that weapon. While fighting, do not let anyone eliminate you. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD to move and jump, LMB to attack.

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