is an Agario style MMORPG game that you should try. Play against multiple online enemies and you need to beat all of them to become the top player. Choose the tribe you like most, customize your character, pick out powers and get ready to take part in a brutal combat in which you have to overcome every challenge to achieve your goal in the shortest time. During your arduous journey, you will have several opportunities to open up plenty of chests. They hide a large number of power-ups such as spells, skins, along with the best equipment. Aside from these items, you are allowed to eat your prey, drop bombs, build walls, and so on. However, you must stay away from stronger opponents if you are still weak. It’s important to keep you safe and survive! Let’s engage the fight and show up your abilities to lead your team to the victory now!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, A/ Q to choose Spell 1, Z/ W to control Spell 2.

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