UFOz unblocked is a 2D style io game that can remind you of Hole.io. You can play UFOz game free in your browser to show off your skills. The point of the game is to eat up everything in the city to get yourself bigger. You will control a UFO in this game title and you must go attack the city. There are plenty of people, buildings, trees, and enemy UFOs you will see when wandering around the arena. You need to quickly suck them all to build your size. The more you suck, the higher the points you will earn. Watch out for the enemies with bigger UFOs than yours, otherwise, you will be sucked by them, causing the game to be over. Your suction power will make your power grow when you improve your UFO. There are 8 levels you can upgrade your UFO to. You aim to become the biggest and the strongest UFO on the leaderboard.

How to play

Use the mouse to move your UFO around the map, and use the left mouse button to suck things in the city.

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