WarehousePANIC.io is an interesting MMO Bejeweled style game which is set next to a beach. You and two other people are hired to arrange goods. You need to become the winner by placing the most blocks until the new ship comes. Remember that the time is limited! Therefore, you should work wisely and quickly if you want to complete your job, collect the highest score, and dominate the top spot. After you embark on your mission, you must act carefully. While you are waiting for WarehousePANIC.io to begin, you can observe the whole map and pick out the best positions. Next, you can place the item that you receive in wherever which is still empty. However, you can skip them if they do not fit. Besides, you do not let your opponents occupy those spots first. You can avoid cooldown penalty by making sure that the boxes that you have dropped can have a neighbor of the same color. Good luck!

How to play

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