Warscrap.io is a third-person tower defense Io game. It is available for you to join a crazy multiplayer combat. Play as a Warscraper and your mission is to protect the base along with the core reactors from the immoral machine race. These robots are looking for the way to capture and eliminate everybody. Aside from fighting against those enemies, you are able to compete with other players to dominate the highest rank on the leaderboard and gain Cores, the in-game currency. The money will help you unlock additional gear, weapons, and other items. Upgrades in Warscrap.io will allow you to get an edge over your adversary. Remember to swap weapons properly! There are tons of power-ups scattered across the battlefield. You’d better pick them up to increase the own abilities. Not only that, you can work together with other friends on your team to improve the winning chance instead of joining alone.

How to play

Use WASD to move, Space to jump, LMB to fire, RMB to swap weapons.

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