Wazana.io unblocked is a strategy game online featuring 3D graphics and unique gameplay. There are challenging missions awaiting you ahead in Wazana.io free game, such as creating a base, managing resources and fighting for conquest against other opponents. Pick from three discrepant starting factions then jump into the battle. Each factor is armed with a unique play style and different perks. You will have to move around the map collecting resources of energy and matter. You can collect them using extractors then make use of them to get upgrades, new buildings, with military units for yourself. take control of the resources smartly because they will play an important role in your conquest. You must also direct your army to fight against your enemies and attempt to defeat them all. The main goal for you in Wazana.io online is to rule the battlefield! Think you can outsmart your opponents? Play it right now! Have fun with it!

How to play

Do actions using the left mouse and order a unit to move using the right mouse.

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