It’s fun to play online game made by Profusion Studios in full-screen mode! It is a crazy multiplayer match where you fly with an airplane and fight against tons of enemies throughout the world. Try to shoot down as many rivals as possible while collecting resources! Aside from the available machine gun, you are able to equip your plane with another completely different weapon by picking it across the sky of free.

Although players in unblocked will not drop down as soldiers in Zombs Royale, they will have to master ways to defend themselves until they are the last standing man. Note that it is hard to get your name up on the ranking. So, it is necessary for you to perform abilities carefully. Attempt to dodge shots or you will be kicked off the battle immediately! Moreover, always upgrade your armaments collection with airdrops. Good luck!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to guide the plane, click or Space to shoot

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