Wormania.io is another addictive Slither-Styled IO game set in a big map dominated by neon worms. You control one and roam through the map to gather as many different colored dots as possible. When you pick up the dots, the size of your worm will be increased, and gradually it will reach an enormous size. In addition, you can even get a series of power-ups that bring your worm more discrepant abilities. If you want to attack the enemy worms, you should use your long body to surround them and make them crash into you, causing them to be completely destroyed for sure. Keep in mind that you should defend yourself from being trapped by other players. Do not run into their tails, or else you will be destroyed and have to restart it from scratch. The main goal is to out-grow all other players as well as build your ultimate dominance in the arena.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to speed up your worm.

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