Are there any fans of snake io games out there? Will you get excited about a new snake game called unblocked? It can be the same as other Slither Style games in terms of gameplay, but it is still worth trying for new challenges. In Wormate io free online, you take on the role of a small worm prowling around a map to eat candy. The candy is dotted on the ground and it is very easy to find them. Make sure you absorb the candy until your size is bigger. Being a bigger worm is so advantageous. You will be able to encircle other worms using the body or feel free to speed up to cut off all players and make them run into you. Be careful with other worms that are so evil. They seem to have a certain scheme to kill you. It is very important to watch out for your surroundings as well as protect the head of your worm all the time. The longer you survive, the higher the rank you can reach. Play unblocked at school for free now!


How to play

Move your worm with the mouse and use the left mouse to accelerate.

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