Wormax2.io is a free online multiplayer iO game. It is also the sequel to Wormax.io. Visit the new arena along with other players and you should eat as much as possible. It is one of the most important conditions that you are asked to complete. It is the strategy to help you grow longer and earn higher ranks.

It’s easy to see opponents and power-ups scattered across the map of Wormax2.io unblocked. Play the competition and do not forget to avoid running into other bodies! If they cut you off, you will explode and somebody can come to swallow your remains. Try to survive before you achieve the goal or turn into the King! It’s feasible to apply rules of the current slither style titles like snix.io! It’s really interesting to set traps and check out special effects from objects you gather on the path! Remember that they do not last forever. Good luck!


How to play

Choose Left mouse or Right mouse or Q to boost speed, W to stop, E to be invisible, 1-5 to pick a smiley

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