Worms.lol is a new Slither style io game that is also free for all to play online against each other. The main aim is to dominate the top spot. Therefore, you need to score the highest point before you rule the entire map. Start off with a small worm and you should eat as much as possible. The food win Worms.lol unblocked is very useful to help you grow longer and bigger. The tail at that moment will allow you to cut off more targets. Remember that you can be blocked and destroyed by a player who is shorter than you. So, the size in Worms.lol is not the most important keys to lead you to the final victory. You must move carefully and avoid every trap promptly to survive. It is one of the elements to claim the crown. Don’t skip power-ups because they are great to become the King sooner! Customize your pet and send it to the arena right now!

How to play

Use the mouse cursor to control the worm

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