WormsZone.io unblocked promises to take the snake io game genre to the next level. Be ready for this new snake game playable for free in browsers. You become a small worm once you have spawned in the arena, and the mission for you is to grow up. To build size, you must eat animals scattered on the ground and hunt for the dead drops of other players to get even bigger. Once you have become a big snake, you will find it easier to kill other snakes. You can encircle around them with your long body, speed up to cut them off, and use tricks to make them run into you. Whatever you do, make sure you kill them all as well as protect yourself. The longer you survive, the higher the chance you can top the leaderboard. Have fun with WormsZone.io free online and see how many enemies you can kill! Play the game right now!

How to play

Move your worm around the map using the mouse. Speed it up using the left mouse button.

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