Xplo.io is an exciting Agario style game that you can enjoy online for free. There are three modes available for you to choose from. They include Classic, Team DM, and Capture the flag. Besides, remember to pick out the skin that you like most before pressing the Play button. The mission that you need to accomplish after you spawn is to blow up all of the existing enemies in the shortest time. You will dominate the whole map and become the top player once you are successful. Start off with a small cell and you should roam around the playing field to collect dots. They will help you grow in size and bring a lot of different power-ups or weapons to you. You are able to choose grenades when you are chasing the target to kill them. Or, you can select mines to trap the chaser. So, do not walk over your explosives and do not step on other people!

How to play

Use the mouse to move, W to drop a mine, Space to throw a grenade.

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