Zlax.io is an interesting online strategy .iO game coming with a cool twist. It is an exciting multiplayer survival battle in which you will fight against other strong players and become the strongest character on the leaderboard with the highest score. Before you embark on your mission, you can choose the skin you want. Next, roam around the battleground your way and do not forget to collect axes. They are the main weapons that you will use to kill other people as well as defend your life. Aside from that, there are tons of gems strewn on the floor. Just gather those items to increase the ability to toss more. Besides, you will throw dangerous items at the foe constantly if you make the rage bar full. Not only that, you will be immune to damage during that period. However, that will not last forever. Let’s play and show your throwing skill now!

How to play

Use LMB or Space to throw, RMB or W to speed up.

zlax io

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