Zombain.io unblocked is a unique 2D io game with stunning graphics. Have your skill ready for another battle royale style combat then see if you can get through all of it. At the start of Zombain.io new io game, you will direct a character around a huge map, and use your given evolver with unlimited ammo to shoot down all wicked zombies that wander around the play area. If you don’t finish them first, they will attack you for sure, causing you to meet a sticky end. As you progress, you can find more other weapons or even useful equipment on the map, then utilize them wisely to eliminate tough zombies. Also, make sure you protect yourself from other players at the same time. They will not miss any chances to kill you, so you must kill them first before they harm you. Try to use your tactics or anything you have in order to become the last shooter standing on the ground.

How to play

Direct the movement of your character using the mouse, and click the left mouse to fire.

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