Zorelit.io is a space-themed 2d shooter game where you will take control of a starship equipped with a special weapon and fight against tons of enemies. You need to defend yourself from attacks from other players and avoid crashing into asteroids along the way. Shooting at these small planets is considered as a good solution to avoid brutal fights and unlock stages. Try to survive, gather bonuses to level up and get stronger! You can have several powers to escape such as Engine Booster or Force Dash. Moreover, some combinations will work effectively. For example, Ray and Space Warp or Bomb and Black Hole. You’d better eliminate all of the opponents if you want to win the round or take over the top spot. Zorelit.io allows you to play solo or create a party with your friends. Just click on the alien mask on the screen and you can send the room link to anybody. Have fun!

How to play

Use the mouse to move around the map, LMB or Q to fire, RMB or W to control your ability, Space to hold the direction while aiming at another point.

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