Show your water-accumulating skill in game now! The game is kind of like in terms of game style. It is all about collecting resources and keeping your base safe from the outside threats. Water is the main resource in the game, which must be collected all the time. You are forced to generate many water pumps to obtain it. You will pump the water from many ponds, however, these ponds do not have an infinite supply, which is why you have to utilize them skillfully. After a pond is completely drained, go to the next one so you can begin pumping more water. If you have more ponds, it means that you will have to put more effort into defending them to make sure that you always have gallons of water, which leads you to the ultimate victory. Don’t forget to create strategic bases so you can outplay your opponents, okay? Let’s jump into the game now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Move with WASD. Position a building or performing an action using the left mouse. Right click on the pipe icon for rotating it. Use the tool shortcut by pressing arrow keys.

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