is a Style game where you will choose to fight alone yourself and keep your land completely safe or you will engage in a clan with other players to fight as a team. The game is all about producing resources as well as surviving the oncoming attacks given out by the opponents. You take on the role of a king whose mission is to reform his land using many precious resources. To have resources, you must construct some crucial buildings then let them bring many resources to you. Feel free to use them for defending your kingdom from the wicked opponents as well. Although you can play as a solo player, you are still highly recommended to work with other players for better survival. It is up to you to generate barricades or stay in a safe space. Make use of all the strategies you have prepared so you can overcome the challenges easily. Wish you luck!

How to play

Move your character using WASD, aim with the mouse. Collect the items on the ground and use them by clicking the left mouse.

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