Grab your gun and get ready to hop into the fun-addicting SmashArena game! Play and conquer Free For All Mode as soon as possible! It’s necessary to make use of your skills and every equipment you have during the next match! Each round that you conquer, you will obtain lots of coins. They will be the most important resource to buy upgrades for the coming battle.

Enjoy SmashArena you do not forget to keep away from deadly attacks. Once you survive, you will have the chance to progress and become the winner. Additionally, stuff that you purchase will be the key to lead you to the final victory for a short time. Not only that, your HP will be regained after you dominate the top spot in SmashArena, along with more characters unlocked. So, earning money can be considered a good strategy. Are you willing to experience and prove your abilities? Remember to check every weapon!

How to play

Use WASD keys to roam, the mouse to aim, Left mouse to shoot, Right mouse to deploy objects, R to reload

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