Taekwon.io is an online multiplayer idle game. Choose the favorite room and join the new challenge with other people. The main aim is to become the best master. There are two areas that you should visit. At Dojo, you are able to train various techniques such as punch, kick, and block. They are skills which help you in the next encounters. Once you are ready, you should check out your might by entering the Arena to take part in the Underground Fighting Ring in Taekwon.io. It is an interesting location in which you will have the chance to show what you have practiced in the Dojang. Try to defeat rivals to win the championship in Taekwon.io and earn gold! You are allowed to bet if you like. With the money that you have collected, you can purchase skins or treasure chests from the shop. Are you willing to embark on the event and dominate the top spot? Do not forget to catch updates which gives more items!

How to play

Use WASD to move around, LMB to punch, RMB to kick.

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