It will be totally awesome to own a rocket company selling tours to the stars. In Dangerous Space Flight game, you will play as the owner of that company and you must compete against other opponent companies. You start to construct a rocket, draw the attention of many audiences, sell the tickets to them then take them to the stars using the spaceship you have built. You have to earn some money for keeping your ship upgraded, then try to make it safer as well as travel even farther. Go compete against other opponents to increase your profit and do not let them outsmart you! Another important thing you must keep in mind is that your rocket must be the safest one that will not end up crashing, or else you will lose a lot of customers, and your business can go down, causing you to lose the game. Are you ready for it? Come to play the game now!

How to play

Click the left mouse to interact with the objects in the game.

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