Jump into an awesome RPG team-based game called Adversator and see if you can vanquish all enemies. Adversator is such a great game with MOBA elements promising to keep you entertained for hours. It pits you against various enemies, and before entering the arena, you have to choose from some various heroes to fight with. There are three of them: strength, agility, and intelligence. Strength is more powerful than intelligence but weaker than agility. Intelligence is way stronger than agility but cannot beat strength, and agility is more powerful strength but unable to beat intelligence. It’s very important to keep these things in mind during the battle because you have to pick the right targets to attack, or else you will get defeated. You can also go hunt for more creatures, collect new items and use them to make yourself stronger. The goal here is to demolish the enemy’s main building. Are you ready for Adversator? Let’s join it now!

How to play

Perform the movement using the right mouse. Press keys AZERTY/QWERTY to use an item, use arrow keys for moving the camera, key C to lock the camera and spacebar to focus camera.

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