Dungeonz.io is an RPG game situated in a large open world ruled by monsters. You should prepare yourself for this retro-style adventure where you come across many tough challenges. The game is also a nice chance for you to train and practice your skills. You will enter a dungeon and you must fight your way through numerous vicious mummies in pyramid crypts, encounter plenty of vampires in their dark castle. The reason you are here is to find riches and glory. You should keep in mind that once you have entered a dungeon, there are only two ways out, which are glory or death. You should invite your friends to come with you, so you can work as a group to clear dungeons. Don’t forget to craft more weapons, armor, tools as well as potions. They are all crucial elements that can help you get through this journey. Let’s prepare yourself now for this adventure then see if you will become the winner in Dungeonz.io or not!

How to play

Use arrow keys or WASD to move around the map, press key 1 to 0 to use/equip item, key E or left mouse to collect items, key Shift + 1 to 0 to drop items, and key Enter to chat.

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