It will be so fun to partake in a Battle Royale game in the shape of a cunning worm. Join – an epic Slither Style IO game right now for more challenges. The game lets you play as a vibrant colored worm roaming through a huge arena in order to fight against other enemy worms. At first, you are very small, so you have no power to go against your rivals. Therefore, you must go eat as much food scattered around the map as possible in order to build your size little by little. Building size is an important thing you must do because once you have become larger than others, you will be able to finish them off easily. When you engage in a clash with them, try to wipe them out by forcing them to crash into you using your big body. Just make sure you will not hit their bodies, or else the game will be over. Don’t forget to develop your strategies to outgrow your opponents. The main goal in is to become the largest worm!

How to play

Control your worm’s movement using the mouse. Click the left mouse button to speed up.

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