2 is a playfield as same as the map in the game but it contains some changes. Always dodge other snakes to survive and swallow pellets to grow!

It is actually a picnic edition coming with three leaderboards such as today, weekly, and monthly. To take control of the top spot, you should remember to gain the best score! Besides, there are hats and prizes waiting for you to unlock.

Aside from the FFA game mode, you are able to take part in Crazy Speed rooms. On that game field, you must act quickly or you cannot stay away from the enemy’s traps.

After you jump into the present universe, you should collect food to grow bigger and longer. Especially, you can approach the dead snakes nearby to loot their body. Please watch every player around your spot at all times!

Moreover, you can create deadly traps by causing the target to crash into your side. At that moment, they will go off and leave dots. While you enjoy their remains, you shouldn’t forget to run away from cunning rivals. 2 mod is one of the beloved multiplayer io games with interesting arenas. Explore the current challenge and finish it your way!

How to play

  • Move the mouse to direct your snake in-game
  • Left-click to speed up your movement in a short time.
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