Basketball Game ( is a sports-themed IO game that you can play and practice your skills through a lot of fantastic challenges. This will be one of the best Basketball games you will get addicted to. The game lets you jump into a lot of matches where you compete against lots of enemies from across the world. All of you will fight for your championship at the end of the match. There are three game modes featured in Basketball Game: 1 Player, 2-Player and Quick Match. Whatever mode you pick, you also have to quickly catch the ball then throw it into the rival goal to score points. You should perform the movements and actions very skillfully to outplay your rivals, block their movements and make sure they will have no chances to score points. You can combine all the skills you have in order to defeat your opponents faster. When time is up, the ones who got the most goals will become the ultimate winner!

How to play

Player 1: Use WASD for the movement, key V for the super shot, key B for actions.
Player 2: Use arrow keys for the movement, key K for the super shot, and key L for actions.
Shoot or steal the ball using key B, bump or block enemy using key S, and press double key D to dash.

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