is a team sports game. It is best to cooperate with friends if you’d like to achieve the highest point and become the champion! Each match will last for a few minutes. It is a precious period that you should use smartly to complete your target. Enter the round and quickly run to the place in which you can catch or steal the ball or simply help your teammates in If you have grabbed that item, you are able to sprint and tackle before you reach the opposite end zone, an important spot where you can score and conquer the challenge.

Come to game you need to remember that there will be numerous aggressive competitors. They are strong and always ready to block you if you are aimed. If you fall into one of the most dangerous cases, you can throw the object and pass it to another so he can continue your mission. When you escape from attacks, you do not ignore defending the rest. Good luck!

How to play

Move around by using your mouse.
Press Left mouse to control your speed and tackle.

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