SLIME .network is a sports volleyball multiplayer game online in a browser. This classic team-based sports game is not truly about playing with slime, but it’s about competing against your opponents in a fantastic match for a chance of becoming the champion. Just simply have your abilities ready for all the challenges and make good use of them to defeat your opponents. Furthermore, you must prepare quick reflexes that can help you outsmart others easily. When the match is officially kicked off, go chase the ball and catch it then shoot it into the goal of your opponent team to earn points. You can exploit your power shot which makes you go faster. The power shot can even assist you to surprise the enemies as well. You are also given some emotions which can be used to fool the players. Don’t forget to team up with your allies all the time and guide your team to the ultimate victory. Good luck!

How to play

Use WASD or arrow keys to move your character. Use the spacebar to jump, key Shift for power shot, keys 1-4 for emote (only when you have face equipt)

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