Bellum: Stellae is a web-browser strategy game online with card collection. The game promises to bring you further awesome challenges to conquer, so let’s give it a try now. You should prepare your strategies in readiness before jumping into the action. To defeat your opponents, you must employ your special units as well as spell cards. Keep dealing a huge amount of damage to them until they are completely wiped out of the space arena. Also, you must aim at their base and destroy it while keeping yours safe all the time. It will not be easy to defeat the opposing forces as they can get stronger than ever, however, you shouldn’t give up on that since you are fighting for your ultimate arena domination. During the course of the fight, make sure you remember to enlarge your territory, and gradually, you can rule the entire arena. Let’s kick off the battle now! Good luck to you!

How to play

Utilize your unit cards using keys 1-4, use keys QER for using the spell cards, click the mouse or use arrow keys to navigate.

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