Black is another game like and Crowd City. It is so addictive to play these games and with the new one, you will get even more addicted! In this Strategy game, you take control of a black hole that is hungry for foods. You navigate your hole through the city to absorb numerous things that get in your way in order to build the size and you will find it much easier to eat more after expanding it. There are many enemy holes that need to be careful with when you move around the playing area. You can hunt down the ones that are smaller than you, eat them up while staying away from the larger ones that can consume you in just a wink. Don’t even forget to elude dangerous black holes and they will absorb everything touching them. Like the previous games, in Black, you have to become the most dangerous black hole in the city.

How to play

Control your black hole in the game using the left mouse button.

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