Minesweeper.io is a free-for-all strategy that is kind of identical to the classic Minesweeper in terms of gameplay and game rules. You will be dropped into a huge playing field full of suspicious tiles and numbers. The numbers on the board show the number of bombs are adjacent to it, including above, below, right, left and diagonals. You need to gradually uncover every single tile, and if you have determined there is a hidden mine, quickly put a flag on it. Revealing a tile with a bomb inside and no flag on it, the bomb will be triggered, causing you to lose points. When you accumulate more mines without making mistakes, the multiplier will be grown. Do not make a mistake, or else the multiplier will reset. In the game, you will also have a chance to win gold when you finish an achievement or develop your level. The final objective of this classic IO game is to clear all the mines by putting a flag on it. Can you conquer it? Play it now!

How to play

Use the left mouse to expose a square, click the right mouse, click and hold to place a flag.

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