Have your skills ready for epic challenges in Nektaar.io unblocked. This is an engaging strategy game from the io games series. You will face off against multiple enemies from around the world. The main mission here is to prowl around the map collecting as much nectar as possible. You become a hard-working bee trying to find nectar for your people then quickly feed them all or use the nectar to create a larger base for your bee kingdom. If any enemy bees attack you, quickly stop them all before they take your nectar. When you venture out into untouched nutritious areas for more nectar, you must watch out for your surroundings and always protect yourself. You can hire more AI-controlled minions who can help you in conquest. Keep earning a lot of scores so as to reach the top rank on the leaderboard. Join this bee’s world now in Nektaar.io online game!

How to play

Left click to shoot your enemies, right click to release nectar, stop or move using the middle mouse button. Your character will move towards your cursor when moving. 

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