Rich City unblocked is an online horror Io game. It is set in a chaotic and ruined world. Not only that, it is a dangerous place full of zombies. Play against the undead and survive until the match ends. At the start, you are recommended to purchase some weapons or items. Aside from ahat step, you should not ignore searching for a good position to hide or cover yourself.

In Rich City free, you can join with a team without difficulty. New friends and suitable strategy will allow you to stay alive easier. Stuff that you buy from the shop is effective to block the enemy and push them away. Besides, there are plenty of objects which can offer special effects to make you move and interact faster. Remember that the foes can form alliances! You’d better evade strong hostile groups and look for the best upgrades. Are you willing to explore and win? Much fun!

How to play

Use WASD to move, B to buy items, Left mouse to deploy them, G to drop and E to collect objects

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